Statement of truth

Decade of People of African Descent Speaking Truth to the Black Settlers’ Experiences

Our significant presence and contributions on this land pre-date the country of Canada by over 150 years. Indeed, up until 1961 over half of all Black people in Canada were Indigenous to Canada. Indigenous settlers to Canada includes your ancestors! LEARN OF THAT.

Our sweat, skills, experiences and contributions taken and used without consent – and for free – built and shaped early Canada! Learn of that! For example, (Robert Nathaniel Dett) He has undoubtedly pushed and carved Canada into the powerful promise that it is today. LEARN OF THAT!


Robert Nathaniel Dett (October 11, 1882 – October 2, 1943), was a Canadian-American composer, organist, pianist, choral director, and music professor. He was born in Drummondville, Ontario to Charlotte and Robert T. Dett. Their family remained in Canada until he reached 11 years of age and then moved to the United States where he continued his education. He studied at the Oliver Willis Halstead Conservatory of Music, the Lockport Conservatory, the Oberlin Conservatory of Music, where he earned his first degree, a Bachelor of Music, with a major in composition and piano. During his career, he was a leading composer, known for his use of African-American folk songs and spirituals as the basis for choral and piano compositions in the 19th century Romantic style of Classical music.Canada’s Nathaniel Dett Chorale, founded in 1998, was named for him and performs his music as well as that of other composers of African descent. OR Elijah McCoy, engineer, inventor (born 2 May 1843 or 1844 in Colchester, Canada West; died 10 October 1929 in Wayne County, Michigan.) McCoy was an African-Canadian mechanical engineer and inventor best known for his groundbreaking innovations in industrial lubrication.

People of African Descendant are resilient, brave, spiritual and master builders who have been central to the campaign for equality and an equitable Canada. The new goal is African Canadian Truth telling – starting today. LEARN OF THIS!