What is the UNDPAD Push Coalition


The United Nations Decade for People of African Descent (UNDPAD) Push Coalition was formed with the singular focus of ensuring that the federal goverment follows through on its commiments made to Black communities through the 2019 budget. The Coalition emerged organically out of virtual gatherings of Black community serving organizations, dubbed Meeting of the Minds, which were hosted by Caribbean African Canadian Social Services (CAFCAN). These meetings were held to discuss ways in which we could collectively strategize on how best to access the federal government funding commitments.


The Coalition was successful in helping to secure $25 million in Capacity Assist funding that is expected to roll out to Black communities in the spring of 2020. The Coalition has met with the Department of Canadian Heritage and is slated to meet with other federal departments to push for access to resources that will support the improvement of Black communities in Canada. The mandate of the UNDPAD Push Coalition is expected to expire in January 2020, once these objectives have been met. The Meeting of the Minds will continue under CAFCAN’s leadership.